Hotel Polanica offers a wide range of SPA treatments and rituals, the idea of which is to provide relaxation at the highest level. All treatments are based on ingredients of the best quality and properly selected to the individual needs of each guest. Our SPA is an excellent choice for immersing yourself in relaxation and detachment from reality for a moment.


Mandalic Acid

250 zł

The best-selling treatment suitable for all skin types, thanks to the power of mandelic acid and polyhydroxy acids, effectively improves the appearance of both young, contaminated and mature skin with discoloration and wrinkles. It cleanses the skin, brightens, and improves its structure.

Dermaoxy Aerobic Influence

Face, neck, neckline - 390 zł
Face + neck - 350 zł
Face - 290 zł

The treatment using the force of compressed air, deeply moisturizes and firms even the most damaged and dry skin. Clearly smoothes the eye area. The skin after the procedure is strongly nourished, cashmere to the touch.

Microneedle mesotherapy
with mandelic acid exfoliation

Face + neck + cleavage - 500 zł
Face + neck - 350 zł Face - 280 zł

Micro needle mesotherapy of the skin with acids affects not only the formation of new collagen fibers and elastin, but also the shallowing of the stratum corneum through keratolytic action.
Molecules of mandelic acid through micropuncture reach deeper, due to which they further increase the level of hydration and even out the tone.


Bestselling SPA MASSAGES

Relaxing massage

20min - 150 PLN/50 min - 250 zł

Silencing, relaxing muscles, performed on the basis of warm oils with the use of aromatherapy.

Wellness massage

50min - £280

Author's comprehensive full body massage using Indian head massage technique and foot reflexology elements.

Massage for two

50 min - 480 zł

Relaxing aromatherapy massage performed in one office for two people.

Therapeutic massages

Therapeutic procedures and treatments

Classic massage

20min/50 min -170 PLN + 270 zł

Depending on the technique used, this massage can have a calming, stimulating, analgesic, regenerative, healing effect. Regular procedures improve well-being, reduce neuralgia, complaints of the back, neck, shoulders, legs as well as perceptible muscle tension

Deep tissue massage

20min/50 min - 170 PLN/250 zł

Fascial therapy and muscle work. The procedure affects the condition of the muscles, reducing their tension, relaxes and also increases the smoothness of movements

Hyperbaric Chamber Session

60 min - 180 zł

This treatment promotes wound healing and also speeds up the treatment of other conditions.


Salt scrub

20 min - 170 zł

Natural salt crystals in an aromatic combination of fragrance compositions cleanse and smooth the skin, leaving it wonderfully soft and elastic.

Coffee scrub

20 min - 150 PLN

An aromatic scrub based on freshly ground coffee in combination with almond oil smoothes and firms the skin, visibly improving its tone.

SPA rituals

Comprehensive screenings for the body and senses

Cherry Love Kiss

75 min - 350 zł
(Scrub, shea butter massage)

Nourishing ritual for the body for dry skin starting with a natural cherry sugar scrub based on pure shea butter with the addition of 100% grape and coconut oil. Peeling has a revitalizing effect on the skin, effectively improving its elasticity. The delightful moments are extended by the relaxing massage of the whole body with natural cherry-scented shea butter, enriched with argon oil.

Mud detox

75 min - 380 zł
(acid peeling, mask, capsule, massage)

The treatment begins with a unique creamy scrub containing a mixture of fruit acids, which have anti-inflammatory, firming and brightening effect on all kinds of skin discoloration. The next stage of the ritual is the application of aromatherapy mud with the smell of rosemary. The mask has a strong cleansing and detoxifying effect, stimulates microcirculation, noticeably improves skin firmness. Visibly regenerates even the most dry, damaged skin. The client is placed in the Spa capsule, which, thanks to the sufficiently high temperature and prevailing conditions, introduces him to a state of deep relaxation, while increasing the absorption capacity of the skin. The final element of the procedure is a relaxing massage based on liquid crystal emulsion, a modern substance with an unusual structure created in the likeness of human skin, resulting in deep hydration. The procedure effectively stimulates the processes of cell renewal of the skin and slows down the aging process. The skin after the procedure is radiant and noticeably tightened.

Spa Baths

Mud bath

20 min - 160 zł

Relaxing wellness resulting in warming up of tissues, better oxygenation and nourishment. Anti-inflammatory, joint regenerating and deacidifying effect.

K was baked in goat's milk

20 min - 160 zł

The bath provides relaxation worthy of the Queen, additionally nourishes, moisturizes and tones the skin. Reduces transepidermal loss of water from the epidermis.

Beer bath with a pint of beer

20 min - 170 zł

Reduces stress, energizes and smoothes the skin, barley malt, hops and yeast provide it with a wealth of minerals and vitamins.

Kids Spa

Princess in SPA

30 min - 140 zł

Painting nails (at the hands) and sweet massage of backpacks with hot chocolate.

Super Hero in the SPA

30 min - 140 zł

Coconut foot massage and back massage with hot chocolate.

Physical treatments

with physiotherapeutic consultation


60 zł

It has an analgesic and anti-edematous effect, simulates the synthesis of collagen, keratin and other proteins, stimulates bone and tissue regeneration.


60 zł

They have an analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect. They dilate blood vessels and accelerate tissue absorption.

Bioptron Lamp

60 zł

Promotes wound healing processes, relieves pain. It treats dermatological conditions and skin problems.


We work on L'Oréal Paris/Goldwell brand products

We invite you to our hairstyling salon in Hotel Polanica Resort&Spa. Modern haircut techniques, care procedures, professional coloring.



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